hurray, the new Miffy Museum is open!

In July 2015 the dick bruna huis in Utrecht closed its doors for the last time. Following major alterations, starting today the same site is now the home of the MIffy Museum; the museum where young children discover their world. The rooms at the Miffy Museum are each dedicated to a different subject and are inspired by Dick Bruna's picture books. The miniature worlds that have been created in the rooms include Miffy's house and familiar everyday experiences such as going to the docter, going in the zoo and finding out what a museum is all about.

Do you want to take a sneak peek? Click here.

6 February 2016

60 years of miffy

Miffy turns 60 in 2015 and we'll be celebrating this all year! You can read all about the special events that will be organised to mark this important milestone here.


Miffy was originally created in 1955. Whilst on a rainy seaside holiday in North Holland, Dick Bruna entertained his young son by sketching a little bunny that kept hopping about the garden of his holiday house. Each evening he would make stories up about the bunny and soon Miffy was born.


The logo for 60 years of Miffy shows how Miffy has evolved; at the start, she looked like a soft toy with floppy ears, but quite soon her form changed to a more human-like body, a round face and longer, more pointed ears. Dick Bruna decided Miffy was a girl bunny as he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. In the later years, her whole silhouette grew softer and more rounded, particularly her ears and face, so they were more balanced.

Auction of Miffy statues hugely succesful!

The auction of 43 of the 60 Miffy Art Parade statues raised more than EUR 500,000 for UNICEF education projects! The Miffy Statues were auctioned in the Rijksmuseum under auspices of auctioneer Jop Ubbens of Christie''s. Prior to the auction, the statues were on display together one last time in the passage under the Rijksmuseum.

The statues are on their way to various locations, having been purchased by private buyers, companies and museums in the Netherlands and elsewhere. A number of the statues were purchased by public institutions, which means they will continue to delight the general public.


photo © Lars Schalkwijk

8 October 2015

Interactive exhibition for families

If you're holidaying in the Netherlands this summer, make sure you visit the city of Utrecht - Miffy's birthplace - where the exhibition '60 years of Miffy' is currently on display at the Centraal Museum. Packed full of interactive activities to keep families with young children engaged in creative fun, it is a stunning show celebrating Miffy's birthday.

The exhibition has been specifically designed from a child's perspective, and features giant interactive 3D structures throughout. For adults, it immediately feels as if you're stepping into a brightly coloured dream world where everything is larger than life. Giant Miffy storybooks hang from the ceiling, whilst other books form a huge free-standing displays to walk around, with their open pages showing images of Dick Bruna at work.

There are eleven recognisable elements in the exhibition which explore a typical birthday celebration, including dressing up in party outfits, buying presents, making birthday decorations and eating birthday cake - making your visit into one big party.

Childres can guess what is inside the display of giant presents by smelling, feeling and listening to the contents. They can wander into Miffy's wardrobe and decorate her party dress, or sit down and make her a birthday card. They can sing a birthday song or play along on a drum or tambourine. Finally they can crawl inside a giant birthday cake that even smells like cake!

For a trip down memory lane, parents have the chance to see a rare display of the earliest manucripts of 'miffy anf miffy at the zoo' two of Dick Bruna's first stories he wrote in 1955. You can also see some vintage merchandise - the first Miffy toys and puzzles from the 1970's onwards.

On the way out there is a beautiful Miffy statue covered in butterflies, designed by Studio Piet Boon. This is part of the Miffy Art Parade - 45 statues currently on public display throughout Holland.

'60 Years of Miffy' is at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht until 20 September 2015. For more details click here!


Miffy on display

The Miffy Statue created by artist Jackie Sleper went on display in the window of the Bijenkorf warehouse on Dam Square in Amsterdam today! The statue, which will be on display until 26 July, is called 'Mijn prachtige liefde' (My Precious Darling). This title is also printed on the back of the statue in Japanese.

As was previously the case in Rotterdam and Utrecht, the Bijenkorf Amsterdam will devote special attention to the MIffy Art Parade, selling related merchandise while the statue is on display.

13 July 2015

Charity premiere for Miffy The Movie in London's West End

Parents and toddlers can attend the UK charity premiere of 'miffy the movie' at 11 am on Sunday 21 June 2015 - the date of Miffy's official 60th birthday - at VUE West End cinema, Leicester Square, London.

400 tickets of this exclusive event are available from Eventbrite and include a goodie bag and inscreen snack. Miffy the character will be on hand to meet fans and pose for photographs after the screening. 

click here for Eventbrite


Miffy in Japan

Fifteen Miffy Art Parade statues are touring Japan as part of the exhibition       '60 Years With Miffy'. First stop was Matsuya Ginza Department Store in Tokyo, where the exhibition attracted more than 160,000 visitors within a month!

From June 6, the fifteen statues created by Japanese artists will be on show in the Aomori Museum of Art. For more information please visit the Miffy Art Parade site or the Japanese site for the exhibition.

Miffy Art Parade website

Japanese site for exhibition


Come see the Miffy Art Parade!

Last Friday saw the official opening of the Miffy Art Parade with the unveiling of the 60th statue, "Golden Miffy", created by artist Marte Röling. "I decided to honour Miffy's simplicity and perfection by clothing her in the very best gold leaf available.

All sixty statues are now on display worldwide! In the Netherlands, the statues created by 45 artists are on show in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Valkenburg aan de Geul through 30 September. While in Japan, fifteen statues created by local artists will be part of a touring exhibition that will be on show until the end of 2016.

Please click her for the exact venues and locations!

Would you like to own your favourite Miffy statue? Of Course! Many of the statues are now available as miniature replicas. There is also a book about the Miffy Art Parade, with an overview of all statues, as well as information about the participating artists.

These and other great items are now available via the Miffy Art Parade webshop.

please click here for the webshop

4 May 2015


decorate your home with vintage Miffy

When the Miffy stories first appeared in the UK in the early Sixties, colourful modernist interiors were 'en vogue' - meaning Dick Bruna's striking hardback books were sold in furniture design shops such as Heals and Habitat, as well as traditional bookstores.

By the 1970s, the books were popular worldwide, and other Miffy products started to appear, including brightly-coloured cotton fabrics.

Jane Foster, a Devon-based textile designer and screen printer, sources vintage fabrics to create soft furnishing and accessories, and has managed to track down a batch of Original Miffy fabric dating back to that time. With it, she has created a limited edition range of handmade cushion covers, cotton shopper bags and purses.

There will be just 60 of these vintage Miffy products made available - to mark Miffy's 60th anniversary, and they include:

Cotton cushion covers - £30

small purses - £ 14

shopper bags -£34

These products will be available to order from 9am on 21st June 2015, from Jane Foster's online shop!

Handmade in Britain using vintage fabric, these accessories are unique, just like Miffy!

Miffy's flowers and tulips in Keukenhof

The naming ceremony for the Miffy Tulip was held in Keukenhof on 19 April. Dick Bruna's daughter, Madelon, was on hand to conduct the ceremony. Together with Keukenhof director Bart Siemerink, she then unveiled her statue, Miffy's Flowers, which she created for the Miffy Art Parade.

Madelon Bruna is also an artist, whose designs range from patterns for clothing and interiors to jewellery. "It was een great honour to decorate this giant Miffy," she said. "I wanted to celebrate this by giving her flowers."

Her statue Miffy Flowers will be on show in Keukenhof through 27 April. It is located near Miffy Mosaic on the picnic lawns beside Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

Click here for more information about Keukenhof.

interview Joost Swarte

Taeke Kuipers (director of the Hotus Botanicus) interviewed Joost Swarte (graphic designer) about the statue he created for the Miffy Art Parade. Swarte's creation 'when the leaves fall' will be on show in the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam from 1 May. The Hortus Botanicus, one of the world's oldest botanical gardens, is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00.

To find out what Joost Swarte has to say about this Miffy statue, take a look at this clip.

Miffy and the Royal Baby

Babies and toddlers across the UK can celebrate the arrival of the new royal baby in April with this new Miffy lift-the-flap book, priced at £ 5.99, published by Simon and Schuster, and available in all good book shops now!

From tasty sweets to extravagant elephants, help Queen Miffy search for the perfect present for the roayl baby with this 12 page board book, complete with author Dick Bruna's simple but iconic artwork which turns the story into an adventure.

Miffy and the Royal Baby has sturdy board pages and rounded corners which are perfect for little hands and great way to encourage imagination, practise dexterity and fine motor skills, while celebrating an exciting arrival!

Miffy and the Royal Baby is available to purchase from Waterstones and all good book stores now, priced at £ 5.99.

new statue unveiled for Miffy Art Parade

As of today, you can view one of the statues in the Miffy Art Parade in real life! The eleventh statue was today unveiled at Château St. Gerlach in Valkenburg aan de Geul (near Maastricht). The unveiling took place ahead of the official opening of the art exhibition Kunst in Valkenburg (KiV), which is organised annually to coincide with TEFAF (held at Maastricht).

Visual artist Saskia Pfaeltzer created Spinijntje (Spinoza Miffy): 'My blue-and-white Spinoza illustrations make the Miffy statue look like it is made of porcelain.'

Saskia Pfaitzer's Miffy statue will be on show in the park at Château St. Gerlach from 14 through 23 March.

For further information, please click here.

13 March 2015

Miffy Art Parade

To celebrate 60 years of Miffy, 60 artists were each asked to decorate a 1.80 metre high statue of Miffy. Artists working in different disciplines drew their inspiration from the world of Miffy and the results are amazing! The Miffy Art Parade statues will be on display in various places in the Netherlands and Japan.

Besides enabling people to enjoy the wonderful artwork, the parade, which will appeal to people of all ages, is intended to raise awareness that not all children have the same opportunities and access to education creates opportunities. The Miffy Art Parade will conclude with the statues being announced to raise money for UNICEF in support of education projects.

The Miffy Art Parade is an initiative by Mercis bv and World of Delights, who are jointly organising the parade. For more information click here

60 Years of Miffy

To celebrate Miffy's birthday in 2015, Bruna's Dutch publishing company, Mercis bv, has released a short one minute film which showcases the most iconic Miffy illustrations from the last 60 years. The project involved sifting through thousands of images to find and distil the very essence of Dick Bruna's much loved icon.

You can see this video here 

'60 Seconds of Miffy' shows how Miffy has developed over time; at the beginning Bruna drew his character like a soft toy with floppy ears and unsymmetrical features, but quite soon he changed the shape making the body more human like, the head rounder, and the ears longer and pointed. Around 1970 Dick Bruna decided that Miffy would be a girl bunny, because he preferred drawing dresses to trousers. Over the subsequent decades, the silhouette and features have become more rounded and softer, although the stark contrast of Bruna's bold lines against a white or coloured background remains constant.


Marja Kerkhof, Managing Director at Mercis bv, commented:


“This video shows why, as an iconic character, Miffy's enduring appeal lies in her simple, timeless design - recognised and loved by adults and children worldwide over the last six decades.”

Miffy partners with Bliss

To mark Miffy's 60th birthday in the UK this year, Miffy is helping raise money for Bliss - the national charity for premature and sick babies. A whole range of fundraising activity is planned for the year and it starts with 'Bake for Bliss from 12 - 15 February.

For more information click here

January  15, 2015

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