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Mercis bv manages and protects Dick Bruna's business interests. Having begun with branded puzzles back in 1971, Mercis today controls all usage rights for Dick Bruna's illustrations.

from books to cuddly toys and lamps with ears


Dick Bruna’s work is based on respect for the world of the child. Mercis bv is guided by the same principle. Every child sees the world in a unique way. Mercis aims to encourage and support this unique perspective on the world. We have several guiding principles: no aggression, reliable quality, timelessness and no controversy. Our mission is to encourage children to develop and value their own identity and to express themselves in their own way. Miffy and her friends encourage children to do just this and help them express what they see, hear, feel and experience. Above all, we uphold Dick Bruna's principle of allowing scope for every child’s own imagination. Mercis works with a global network of representatives from different cultures and backgrounds, who are dedicated to developing close ties and deeply committed to representing the interests of Dick Bruna and his work in accordance with his guiding principles. 


mercis bv

Mercis bv has managed Dick Bruna’s worldwide copyrights since 1971 and is closely involved in the development of all branded merchandise. We monitor the quality of all illustrations that are reproduced, as well as the quality of the products themselves. All designs must be approved before they are taken into production. The toys, which include cuddly toys, playpen toys, jigsaw puzzles, games and inflatable toys, are probably the best known merchandise. All of these products undergo rigorous safety tests and are made with child-friendly materials to the extent that this is possible. All of the toys have to be consistent with Dick Bruna’s philosophy. This means the toys must facilitate and enhance play and must not elicit any violence.


mercis publishing bv

Mercis Publishing bv has published the Dutch version of the Dick Bruna books since 1995 and also supervises the production of other book products. The quality and philosophy behind these products have to be the same as those of the original picture books. Mercis Publishing bv also coordinates the publication of all Dick Bruna books in other countries. The books published in other languages have to meet the same quality standards as the Dutch books. Dick Bruna’s books have been translated into more than 50 languages. 


mercis media bv

Mercis Media bv supervises the development of media-related products such as CDs, DVDs, musicals and the TV series, and ensures that these products also meet Dick Bruna's original quality standards. Miffy and her friends regularly appear on television in many countries all over the world. These short animation films are also available on DVD and are suitable for children up to the age of 6. The Miffy series includes both traditional animation and 3D stop-motion animation, as well as a new series in computer-generated imagery (CGI).



If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us:

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outside the netherlands

To ensure that children all over the world can share in the joy of Dick Bruna's work, Mercis works with a wide array of partners. In various countries, we are represented by agents, who know the local market. Click on this link for more information about these agents.


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