dick bruna at work

An ordinary workday

Six and sometimes seven days a week, Dick Bruna would get up at 5.30 to go to work. For almost 60 years, he’d cycle to his studio over the canals of Utrecht, stopping at Café Orloff on the way, for a cup of coffee and to read the paper. On arrival at his studio, he’d check what he’d made the previous day, before starting on new drawings. In the afternoon, he’d always head home to have a sandwich, before returning to work.

He’d knock off work somewhere between 5 and 6 o’clock, always leaving the studio neat and tidy, with all the pencils and pens in a row, so that everything was ready for the next day.

From 1981, Dick Bruna’s studio was in the Jeruzalemstraat. After he stopped working in 2011, the studio was relocated to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, where a full replica was built. However, there is still a lovely Miffy mosaic at the entrance of what was once his studio. The studio at the museum gives you a great sense of Dick Bruna’s life and work. Click here for more information Dick Bruna’s studio at the museum.


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