In 1977, Dick Bruna's work was exhibited in a museum for the first time. In 2015, the  Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam honoured him with the exhibition "Dick Bruna. Artist."

For young and old.

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Dick Bruna’s work was first exhibited in a museum in 1977. Remarking on the exhibition, Director Pierre Janssen said: “Museums are generally seen as rather dull places. Our job is to turn our museum into an experience that people really enjoy. In the eight years of my directorship, we have never succeeded to this extent.” Since then, there have been numerous major and minor exhibitions featuring Dick Bruna, miffy and Dick Bruna’s book covers. Personally, Dick Bruna was especially thrilled with the exhibition "Dick Bruna. Artist" in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, which he considered one of the highlights of his career.



“After one of his early exhibitions, Dick Bruna asked a girl working at the museum restaurant how the exhibition had been. “We’ve never sold so much orange squash,” she said.”

for young and old

Exhibitions of Dick Bruna’s work are unique in that they are enjoyed by young and old alike. Even after almost 40 years, these exhibitions still elicit an enthusiastic response from people all over the world. In 2016, the Miffy Museum (previously the Dick Bruna House) opened in Utrecht, catering specifically for children aged 2 to 6. Across the road at the Centraal Museum, a true-to-life rendition of Dick Bruna's studio in the Jeruzalemstraat, where he worked every day for 30 years, opened in 2015.


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