Dick Bruna and Utrecht: Forever Together

November 9, 2019 | Utrecht, the Netherlands

As an artist, Dick Bruna played an important role in support of the city of Utrecht. His work continues to do so. 

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Utrecht, where my heart feels at home

This exhibition was inspired by the poster “Utrecht, stad naar mijn hart” (Utrecht, where my heart feels at home), designed by Dick Bruna in 1986. The exhibition features work that Dick Bruna created – often free of charge – for the city of Utrecht and for businesses and institutions in the city. 

The exhibition is testimony to Dick Bruna’s dedication to Utrecht and celebrates the warm bond between the artist and the city by way of designs, posters, photos, objects and newspaper articles.

The exhibition is on from 9 November 2019 through 1 March 2020. You’ll find further information here.

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