Looking back on 65 years of Miffy

June 25, 2020

Hooray! Miffy turned 65 this year. We’ve created this special video clip to mark the occasion!

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Icon and inspiration

Miffy has become a global icon over the past 65 years. Even if you only see the dots of her eyes and the cross of her mouth, you know it’s her. She has been a part of the lives of young and old, and she remains a source of inspiration.

To celebrate this, we have created a video clip, in which you can see how she developed from a cuddly bunny with crooked ears into the Miffy we now know. We also see the friends she’s met along the way and how she won the hearts of people around the globe.


In the Netherlands, three generations have grown up with Miffy, but people abroad are less familiar with her. That’s why we’ve narrated the film in English, so that people outside the Netherlands can also enjoy highlights from Miffy’s life. We hope you enjoy the clip!

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